Our Story


Jannika Reed,  originally from Helsinki she has always been interested in both social equality and sustainable ecology. In her teenage years she was already actively involved in volunteer work helping the homeless through recycling programs. She traveled extensively in her early life, living in Southeast Asia, Bali and Bangkok and even studied with the Thai Royal Dancers. Moving to the US with her young family she attended Georgetown for Oriental Studies and found her way in a 30s Diamond T truck to the southwest,  where she fell in love with the reckless beauty of northern NM.  While always conscientious, becoming a parent increased her concerns for environmental issues and her first business venture was in form a of a cooperative for reforestation on BLM lands.  That led to a lifelong involvement in environmental work and land restoration. Through her study of the Kototama principles and acupuncture with Sensei Nakazono, the ideas of being part of a whole naturally led her to bio-intensive gardening and sustainable building a long time ago. Therefor it is only natural to be a proponent of organic gardening, locally produced, energy efficient building methods and living in a sustainable circle.   Jannika started Dharma world travel, where all proceeds went to help Tibetan refugees, and continued to work in the travel industry specializing in entertainment travel coordinator. She was the Station Manager and DJ for KTAO the first solar powered radio station, on Blueberry hill in Taos, NM. Studied documentary film and editing and later after relocating to Finland in 2003 she ran the Mediaverkstan and the Filminstitut on Åland. She has been on the board of various organizations, environmental arts and historic architecture.

Sage Reed is a stylist and designer based in Chicago, for  TV,  Film, commercial photography, art installations and large scale events. Notable positions and projects include: Set Decorator for the Oprah Winfrey show, Costume and Production Design for Catherine Sullivan’s film installations at the Whitney and the Walker Arts Center,  Production Designer for and Emmy nominated Food Network show and Creative Director for an AMC show launch. Past clients of note include: Herman Miller, O magazine, Crate & Barrel, and HBO. Her work can be seen here......